Dance Resume Sample & Template

1. Introduction

[Full Name] [Address] [City, State, ZIP] [Phone Number] [Email Address]

2. Objective Statement

A passionate and dedicated dancer with [number] years of experience in various dance styles, seeking to utilize my skills and creativity in a professional dance company. Committed to delivering captivating performances while continuously refining techniques and exploring new artistic expressions.

3. Education

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance[University Name], [City, State] Graduated: [Month, Year]


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from New York University, specializing in Contemporary Dance. Graduated in May 20XX.

4. Professional Experience

Dance Performer – [Company Name], [City, State]

[Month, Year] – [Month, Year]


  • Dance Performer at XYZ Dance Company, showcasing diverse choreography in regional and international productions from 20XX to 20XX.

Dance Instructor – [Studio Name], [City, State]

[Month, Year] – [Month, Year]


  • Instructed various dance styles, including Ballet, Jazz, and Hip-hop, at ABC Dance Studio from 20XX to 20XX. Developed curriculum and choreography for students of different age groups.

5. Skills

  • Proficient in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, and Hip-hop dance styles.
  • Extensive knowledge of dance techniques, choreography, and stage performance.
  • Ability to adapt to different music genres and collaborate effectively within a team.

6. Certifications and Workshops

Certification in [Specific Dance Technique], [Certification Authority]

[Month, Year]


  • Certified in Ballet Technique by the American Ballet Theatre, completed in 20XX.

Workshop on [Workshop Topic], [Workshop Provider]

[Month, Year]


  • Attended a Choreography Workshop conducted by [Renowned Choreographer] in 20XX.

7. Languages

  • Fluent in English (native proficiency)
  • Proficient in [Other Languages, if applicable]

8. Hobbies

  • [List of hobbies related to dance or personal interests]


This template provides a structure for a dance resume. Ensure to replace placeholders like [Full Name], [University Name], [Company Name], [City, State], [Month, Year], etc., with your actual information. Emphasize your accomplishments, experiences, and skills that highlight your uniqueness as a dancer. Additionally, include any additional sections or information that might strengthen your CV based on your personal experiences and achievements.

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